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Clay Pigeon Lessons


Do I need a licence?

No. We have  a ‘Section 11/6 Exemption’ certificate issued by the local constabulary. This allows the use of shotguns while under instruction by our our coaches on our ground without the need of you holding a Shotgun Certificate. 

You will be asked to sign some documentation to ensure that you are legally allowed to hold  shotgun or a firearm. 

There are certain prohibitions from the possession of firearms (including shotguns, antique firearms and air weapons). This means that certain people are not only prohibited from possessing their own guns but would also be prohibited, for example, to take part in clay pigeon shoots, or from possession of guns on a shooting range. In simple terms, the following applies:

  • Any person sentenced to serve between three months and three years, (or who has been given a suspended sentence of this duration) is prohibited from possessing any firearm for a period of five years.
  • Any person sentenced to serve a prison sentence of three years or more is prohibited as above for life. (These prohibitions may be is lifted on appeal to a Crown Court).